8 April, 2019

Workshop: Navigating Uncertainty

Navigating Uncertainty

Tools and practices for steering your organisation through the fog

A 1-day participatory workshop that teaches the power of accessing your inner leader and tapping into the collective wisdom of those around you

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Bristol 23 May 2019

In complex and uncertain times, it is tempting to reach for familiar approaches that worked in the past.  Yet the problems don’t go away – they re-emerge in a different form and we find we are no further forward.  What worked in the past no longer works in our uncertain and complex world.

We need a different way. We need to learn to work with the uncertainty, let go of old habits, cease striving for control and perfection and tap into authenticity and flow. Organisations must be able to respond to diversity, adapt to change and create a healthy system. This requires trust, collaboration, flow, decentralised decision-making, co-creative innovation, autonomy, stakeholder alignment, continuous learning and more.

These are not things you can simply “do”. You cannot change yourself overnight. It is about trying, learning and growing up – a lifetime’s journey. This workshop will help you on the journey, by introducing a selection of tried-and-tested tools and practices to help you and your organisation navigate ambiguity & complexity.

You will learn:
  • tools to enhance your listening and perception skills;
  • ways to make your organisation more adaptable to change;
  • the nature of steward-leadership in healthy systems;
  • the role of story-telling in managing complexity; and
  • how to deal with conflict and relationships constructively

This workshop is an introduction – it can lead to our more in-depth training course (under development).

A unique workshop

Navigating Uncertainty” will introduce you to core concepts to help you and your organisation navigate uncertainty, ambiguity and complexity.  You will hear stories of pioneering organisations and learn practices to help you navigate a fast-moving and complex world.  It is also an opportunity to create a community of peers, sharing stories and learning new ways of relating to each other. Finally, we shall consider how you might bring this back to your organisation.

Who is it for?

The workshop is for people in organisations:

  • battling with stifled productivity, disengagement, lack of innovation;
  • dreaming of tapping into the collective intelligence of those around them; or
  • who are simply curious about new ways of working.

It is for entrepreneurs, mavericks and leaders at all levels.


An interactive learning event

You will learn through a mixture of knowledge dissemination. experiential exercises and peer-to-peer learning. You will practice approaches designed to help individuals and groups in any organisation to be more effective.

Who is leading it?

Patrick Andrews is a facilitator, organisational “architect” and business lawyer who supports individuals and organisations looking to shift the way they work.  He has worked with many pioneering adventurers, incl. hydrogen car company Riversimple and the network Impact Hubs. Patrick accompanied the senior team of organic retailer Riverford recently as they shifted to embrace more liberating ways of working, converting to employee ownership.

Philip Woodford is a poet and story-teller who focusses on helping organisations find their inner purpose and enabling employees to show up at work as themselves.  He started his career as a lawyer, and then a marketing executive before making a complete change into acting and the theatre. He now runs workshops for large organisations on wholesomeness at work and story-telling to help organisations reinvent themselves.

François Knuchel is a facilitator and trainer who has been exploring collaborative decision-making, self- organisation and new ways of working for more than 20 years. He spent the early part of his career in Japan, experiencing self managing teams in the auto industry.  Back in the UK he has taught sociocracy, a powerful methodology designed to access the collective intelligence of groups or organisations. He is a lean-flow thinker and an Open Space Technology facilitator.

Why do we need this?

In these times of political, social, economic and environmental instability, our old institutions are failing us. The need for wiser, more compassionate and human ways of organising has never been greater.  New approaches, rich in promise, are emerging: Agile, Lean, Sociocracy, Beyond Budgeting, B Corp, Teal and more. Companies that embrace them report significantly higher levels of efficiency, customer satisfaction and staff fulfilment.  Yet working in new ways presents major challenges, for managers, employees and entrepreneurs alike.

Some dynamic and successful organisations around the world are indeed tapping into the collective creativity and intelligence of their people by dispensing with hierarchy, adopting radical transparency and giving their people greater autonomy and responsibility. The emerging stories tell of them experiencing a step change in efficiency and adaptability, greater innovation and a more meaningful shared sense of individual engagement and motivation.

This workshop is designed to introduce you to a selection of tools, practices and skills to help you navigate complexity. The learning workshop includes practical exercises to help you develop a theoretical and practical understanding of navigating in complex systems: what it means to take responsibility for our behaviours and habits, to drop our need to control individually, and to learn to attune to each other through deep listening, letting collective wisdom emerge, applying multi-mind ‘lectical’ thinking and adopting more collaborative practices. The workshop is designed to help you on that journey.



Patrick (patrick@humanorganising.co)  or

François (francois@humanorganising.co)


The standard price includes lunch.  Early Bird, membership or other discounted tickets available through promotional code.  For group tickets, or special prices agreed with the organiser, please pay directly by bank transfer – contact us at events@humanorganising.co  for instructions.  Price should not be a barrier to participating, depending on circumstances, so please do contact us to talk about what would work for you.

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  • I can highly recommend the folks at the Human Organising Co!” (Facebook comment)
  • Awesome day – thank you.”
  • Good opportunity to network and share.”
  • A great mix of different activities.
  • I feel thoroughly energised after the workshop.”
  • “Thank you for a nourishing, invigorating, educational event – I really couldn’t have asked for more. Grateful to the HOCO team for their wholehearted attendance” (participant comment on Facebook)