Elevating human potential

What we do...

Through training and advice, we help individuals and organisations achieve their potential, working with our clients to co-create new more effective and liberating ways of working. We can help you and your organisation, if ......

Agile Organisation

Your organisations needs to be nimbler and more adaptive


You are trying to adopt newer collaborative ways of working

Staff Engagement

You are struggling to generate more innovation

Culture Change

You are seeking a major systems and culture transformation

Human Organising

enabling collective impact for the common good
An integrated approach

PLEASE GO TO HTTP://HOCO.UK FOR CURRENT SITE. The Human Organising Co is a collaborative venture set up by four individuals who, dissatisfied with traditional, top-down ways of organising, stepped away from conventional career paths to explore more creative and fulfilling ways of living and working. Coming from diverse backgrounds - law, healthcare, theatre, inter-cultural collaboration - they are committed to facilitating the emergence of more compassionate and “human” organisations that nourish and serve the people working within them and the communities they are part of.
We are compassionate agitators, focused on employee engagement, user-experience value creation and enabling entrepreneurial workplaces.
We work at all levels: individual, team, department and company, to enable an integrated and holistic approach.

  • - Organisational transformation
    - Employee-ownership & co-governance
    - Overview of new systems & approaches
    - Holistic aligning legal frame & practice

  • - Legal (agreements, articles, trusts)
    - Circle org conducive to collaboration
    - Implementation team (learn & teach)
    - Learning organisation resources

  • - Individual coaching as per needs
    - Large group emergent conversations
    - Facilitating meetings without conflict
    - Invitation based change co-creation

  • - Lean, agile, teal, .... practices
    - Creativity & Connectivity
    - Collaborative decision-making
    - Legal & financial tools for all


Archived site: Please go to humanorganising.co for current site.

Francois Knuchel

Lean thinker
Francois is an experienced learning facilitator and advisor. A Lean Sensei, an Open Space facilitator and a collaboration educator. Francois is particularly interested in sociocratic governance, O-Labs and organisational transformation.


Disruptive thinking
Facilitator, governance adviser and writer, Patrick has a background in international law and business and a fascination with organisational structures. He lives in the New Forest National Park in southern England.

Philip Woodford

Connecting People
Experienced coach and educator, focused on connecting people, communications, interactions and encounters, story telling and executive coaching.

Sarah Jupp de Santos

Compassionate listening
Sarah is an experienced learning and process facilitator, and a registered pharmacist. She is also a trained listener, a mentor and a mother.

how we work

An integrated approach to the complex challenge of organising - please go to http://hoco.uk for current website

We grew out of the Human Organising Project in 2016

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