Business in the age of Extinction

Purpose is a popular theme amongst business gurus, consultants and strategists these days. Business magazine Forbes publishes articles that urge its readers to make purpose “a pivotal part of your business strategy”. Motivational speaker Simon Sinek tells leaders to “Start with Why”. Leading the charge are the B corps, who are building a movement of businesses that “balance purpose and profit”.

This makes good business sense. There is plenty of research to suggest that articulating a clear, non-financial, purpose leads to greater staff engagement and productivity, and thus greater success for the business in the long-term. After decades of lazy, amoral assertions that the purpose of business is business (i.e. making as much money as possible) it is dawning on business leaders and wider society that having a purpose beyond profit is good for business.

But is it enough? Last Tuesday … [read more on our medium channel]


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