15 October, 2018

Next stage organisations – leaving the safe harbour

Come and explore the challenges and opportunities of new ways of organising work, in the company of other brave adventurers

Upcoming dates:

  • London: TBA
  • Bristol TBA

There is a simpler way of organising human endeavour. It requires a new way of being in the world, being without fear and with play and creativity.” Margaret Wheatley

Something is happening in the world of work. As people become disillusioned with the old, top-down ways of organising, new approaches, rich in promise, are emerging: Teal, Agile, Sociocracy, B Corp and more. Companies that embrace them report significantly higher levels of efficiency, customer satisfaction and staff fulfilment.  Yet working in new ways presents major challenges for managers, employees and entrepreneurs alike. There is no road map, no app to guide us. We have to find the courage to be our own wayfinders.

This event is for pioneers who want to explore new ways of working in a creative and experimental way. Together we aim to gain insight and clarity into:

  • what we would like to create, individually and collectively;
  • what practices and systems can help us create workplaces with high levels of purpose, engagement and innovation; and
  • what beliefs and attitudes can help or hinder our progress.

We offer a safe and stimulating space in which to explore ideas, theories and experiences, in the company of other souls willing to share the challenges and joys of the journey.

You are likely to find this workshop particularly valuable if:

  • you are in the early stages of trying out new ways of working
  • you have some experience working in these new ways and are looking for ideas, inspiration and help to overcome challenges
  • you are part of a team using these ways of working and are new to these approaches.

What we ask of you:

  • to bring your whole self and be ready to experiment and explore;
  • to be open to question and challenge your old habits and beliefs;
  • to contribute towards costs. Suggested contribution £70 per person (includes lunch, tea and coffee). This amount is designed to cover our costs

Date & Venue: contact us for details)

 Testimonials from previous participants:

  • Awesome day – thank you.”
  • Good opportunity to network and share.”
  • A great mix of different activities.
  • There were a lot of energised and well informed people in the room.”